Hi. I'm Mario


I'm an artist, dreamer,father, husband & storyteller

I believe that dreams come true, there is beauty in every small or big things, I believe that everyone has internal light if you want to see it and the most important "do good to others and good will come back to you".

My photography philosophy is about few aspects:
-Be in the right place.
-Interaction, among infinity possibilities to choose the one with relation between subject and environment or other subject.
-The Time, the right moment on time line that make this all aspects unique, right moment to tell about this through picture

My mission is to make time travel possible thanks to the pictures I took.

Aside from photography, I have a passion for motorcycles, books, food, traveling and anything that allows me to explore hidden parts of the world around me.

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I'm ready to tell a story about you and your Big Day

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