Many times during pre-wedding conversations with couples, I been asked whether it makes sense for a photographer to accompany them at their home during wedding preparations.

Is bustling around the house when everything around is turned on “turbo” mode a good idea?

Of course, each bride and groom approach to differently.

You want to know my opinion in this matter, and take a look at this from photographer’s point o view and how photographing preparations can affect successful photos and what is involved in the whole reportage of this most important day for you ?

A lot of spontaneous situations happen during the preparations. Mother’s natural stress and nervousness, dad’s funny and stress-relieving jokes, or their emotions and tears – these are moments that you don’t remember with the passage of time. The second very important thing is the time to take pictures of details.

Every woman wanted a souvenir photo of her dress, shoes, earrings or other attributes of the bride. And it seems to me that the groom will not despise photos of his fly, tie or elegant shirt cufflinks.
The wedding bouquet will not be with you all your life, but its picture will be like, which is why the time during preparation is so important for the end result.

For me and probably for many photographers, preparation time is an opportunity to meet your loved ones. I get to know them, and they get to know me and my way of working, which allows us to reduce the distance between us and get used to my work tool – the camera.

The effect of this is less tension associated with the fact that someone takes pitures of them, guests do not hide from the camera, sometimes they can smile specially, look at my side or make a funny face 🙂

Remember that photographing preparations is not just photos of doing makeup or putting on a hairstyle!

Every couple who asks me such a question will receive an answer that for the above reasons it is worth photographing wedding preparations. It is better to take them and not even use them in the final material, than not to take them and regret it.

See you at your preparations;)

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